‘Four Five Seconds’ – Rihanna/Kanye West/Paul McCartney (cover)

My good friend Shaz introduced me to the song and it immediately got stuck in my head! We decided to cover the song and put this together as soon as we could since we were really excited about it. I like the new direction by Rihanna and the stripped down production, it really highlights the songwriting! Hope you enjoy :)




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“Waves” – Mr. Probz (Robin Shulz remix) – Ableton Push cover


Thought I’d get back into having fun with Ableton. Hope you enjoy and below is the link to the FREE mp3 :)


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“Ho Hey” – The Lumineers (acoustic cover)

So I’ve been wanting to get back into posting covers on YouTube regularly and figured I would just go ahead and start. Still trying to figure out the best method (acoustic/electronic or live/produced) so if you have any feedback on what you’d like to hear let me know!

I love this song for its simplicity in production yet its complexity in lyrics and meaning. The fact that it was played all over the radio (and probably overplayed) shows that people still respond to just a well written song!

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My Top Songs from 2014

What’s up everybody!

So I was going through my playlists the other day and thought it would be cool to come up with my top 5 songs for 2014. Remember the keyword is “my” :)

I’m not saying they’re the best or sold the most, they’re just the ones that had me tapping my feet and nodding my head to the beat!

So in not particular order…

Chocolate – The 1975

So it’s rare when a song catches me on the first listen. Usually it will take me a couple of times through, even with the ones that I eventually end up loving. But Chocolate by The 1975 had me at hello with that catchy guitar riff. And once the vocals dropped – game over. That dude has the coolest voice!

Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon

This may be my most played song from 2014. It puts me in a fantastic mood every time I listen to it and I can play it on repeat all day. Walk the Moon’s whole album has been really impressive actually. I love their overall sound and their unique rhythms. It doesn’t hurt that the music video is hilarious too!

I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

I read somewhere that I Wanna Get Better won an award for catchiest song of the year. I can’t say I disagree with that. The guitarist for Fun (the band) definitely knows how to write anthems for his own project as well. Great song that actually gets really deep and dark, but you’d never guess with the upbeat production and vibe!

Magic – Coldplay

This song is totally different from the Coldplay that I’m used to hearing. There’s really only one word to describe it – SMOOTH! Sampled drums aren’t really what I’m used to hearing from Coldplay, but man did it work well for this song or what? Great band and I’m sad to hear that their next album will be their last. They are one of the few bands who have grown and developed their sound well as the music landscape has changed.

Rude – Magic

I remember landing in San Francisco back in May and trying to find a good radio station once I got into my rental car. This was the first thing I heard and it had me hooked on that station for the rest of my trip. The song actually hadn’t hit the full mainstream yet, so when I got back to Chicago I kept saying to everyone “why you gotta be so rudeeeeee” so when they did end up hearing the song, they’d realized I had been singing it many weeks before. Just like inception!

So what were your favorite songs of 2014? Let me know!

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Happy New Year!


Happy 2015 everyone! I hope you had the chance to enjoy the finale of the holiday season loved ones and good times! :)

So on my last birthday a couple months back, I set a goal to post a blog every week and it never really happened. I’ve decided to also make it a New Years resolution so here we go with post #1.

Seeing as it’s the beginning of a new year I wanted to look back at 2014 and count my blessings. I had some amazing experiences, both professional and personal, and was able to take advantage of quite a few cool opportunities. I also learned A LOT over the past year and that in and of itself has been incredible for my overall development as a songwriter, musician, and producer.

By far, one of the biggest highlights of 2014 for me was getting a chance to work with the United Nations Relief & Works Agency. It’s always great to support a worthy cause, but to be able to do it through what I’m most passionate about, music, was an absolute honor and a blessing. I haven’t gotten the most recent numbers from them, but as of October 2014 we had already raised over $500 for the emergency relief work being done in Gaza simply by donating the song! I’m humbled and inspired. I only hope that I can continue to push myself to make music more than just melodies and lyrics.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video, you can watch it below. The link under the video is to the campaign on UNRWA’s website if you’re interested in learning more.



Well I’ll keep it short and sweet for now. More updates and news on all the projects I’m involved with coming very soon! I’m excited to start sharing more with you through blogging so please keep me honest about doing it once a week!

Take care, enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, and let’s #Make2015Epic!


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New website is up and running!

Woohoo! Just in time for the New Year!


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